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2015_01_SOUL SUNDAYS 11x17 Miles
100 percent solar powered recording music studio new mexico

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“I love sharing and creating timeless soulful recordings.”- mb

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China Salemane “TBA” feat Miles Bonny // South Africa
NuovaLinfa “TBA” feat. Miles Bonny (TBA) // Italy
Quiet Dawn “Hold Them Close” feat Miles Bonny (TBA) // France
Shawn Lee “Wake Up” // London
Athalia “TBA” feat Miles Bonny // Australia
Anthony Valadez “Freedom” feat Miles Bonny // USA
Chrissy Murderbot “TBA” feat Miles Bonny // USA
Kixnare “TBA” feat Miles Bonny // Poland
Miles Bonny “Love for the God Inside you” // USA
Miles Bonny x Ta-Ku EP (TBA) // Australia
Miles Bonny X Bonikowski “Solar Funk Bass Meditations” // USA
Miles Bonny “Remixed” // USA
Bonikowski “Saturn in the Ninth House” // USA
Miles Bonny “Horn Samples 2 : Flugelhorn Sketches” // USA
Alex Ford “Sea of Desire” feat Miles Bonny // Australia

Ologist & WriterJones “One That Vibe” feat Miles Bonny // USA
Miles Bonny “DIRTY Flugelhorn Samples for Producers and Beatmakers vol 1″ // USA
Miles Bonny “Water Rights” prod DCPLX // USA
Miles Bonny “Ain’t No Sunshine” // USA
Miles Bonny “Water Rights” // USA
Twit One “ONDA” & “ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ” feat Miles Bonny // Germany
Miles Bonny “Super Yum Yums [2006 MPC 2000XL Beat CD]”
The Pilots “Don’t Hurt Yourself” feat. Miles Bonny // Russia
The Ol Days “Long Gone” feat Miles Bonny // Chicago USA
Miles Bonny x Kutiman “Vitamin C” Demo // Israel
Miles Bonny “For My Real Folks” Mixtape EP // USA
Jabulani “Respect The Beard” // KC USA
Anthony Valadez “Begins” (LeftoVala Edit) feat Miles Bonny // LA USA Belgium


Miles Bonny x Ta-Ku “As you sleep on my lap” // Australia
S3 (Miles Bonny + Brenk Sinatra) “Supa Soul Sh*t”[LP/CD] [Oct 2012] // Austria
Hiatus Kaiyote “Mobius Streak” (Anthony Valadez remix feat Miles Bonny) // Australia & LA USA
Jabee + Miles Bonny “Understanding” [Digital] // USA
Miles Bonny x Dexter “Gil Scott Heron Lament” 7″ // Germany
Freddie Joachim “To Remind Us feat Miles Bonny” [7″] // LA USA
Sola Rosa “Misunderstood feat Miles Bonny” // New Zealand
Suff Daddy “PGOB feat Miles Bonny” [LP,CD, Digital] // Germany
Miles Bonny “2011 Bootlegs” [12″] // USA
Miles Bonny “Do You / You” [7″] // USA
Anthony Valadez “Begins feat Miles Bonny” [Digital & Vinyl] // LA USA
Miles Bonny & B. Lewis “Egg Black EP’ [Digital] // San Jose USA
Miles Bonny “Fela / Sandman” [7″] // USA
Miles Bonny & Bobby Blunt + Kenny Dope “Tonight’s The Night” [Digital] // NJ USA
The Turs “Love Street feat Miles Bonny” [7″] // Germany
SoundsGood “Goodbye” [Digital] // KC USA
Miles Bonny “KCUR Central Standard Themes” [Digital] // KC USA

Lumberjack Soul [LP/CD/Digital]
Miles Bonny & Ces Cru “Did this for Hip Hop ” [Digital]
Lindquist & Greer “It’s Been a Long Day” [Digital]
Miles Bonny “We” Remixes by Tactic, Murderbot, DrPlus2 [Digital]

Miles Bonny “Incense & Wine” [CD/Digital]
Reggie B & Miles Bonny “Doin Our Thing” [Digital]
Miles Bonny “Accas” [Digital]

Miles Bonny & DJ Day “Instant Saadiq” [12″]
Miles Bonny “Lumberjack Soul / J.Birly / Breakfast” [12″]
Miles Bonny “Scorpion Inn” [Digital]
Miles Bonny “Steveland” [Digital]

Miles Bonny “Clap Clap” [7″]

Miles Bonny “Closer Love” [12″]
Miles Bonny “Remixes vol 1″ [Digital]

Miles Bonny “Smell Smoke” [CD]
Miles Bonny “Miles Gets Open” [7″]

SoundsGood “Biscuits & Gravy” [CD]

Al Japro [CD]
The Find “The Find” [CD]

Joe Good & Miles Bonny “present SoundsGood” [CD]

Dino Jack Crispy [CD]

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